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Instant Class

With our workshop series "Instant Class" we would like to offer a class that makes you dance by leaving your comfort zone and going beyond restrictions. We concentrate on the integration of reflexes and coordination into movement, on the relationship of the body to the floor and the weight of two bodies to each other.                             

Through many exercises these skills will be schooled, both concentrating on our own and on the body of a partner. A set sequence will be approached collectively and the class closes with an open improvisation with the newly gained experience.

In our workshops we will introduce different approaches to jumps, rolls, twists, turns, flips, pitches, fall headlong and attack & release.

Our partnering emphasis on the equal role of male and female. We will find new ways to lift, climb and jump on our partners and create sequences.

The work of release and attacks allows us to move extremely fast. Reaction and pauses make the body available for quick changes in direction and space.


Instant Class at "Plattform 3", Saarbrücken

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