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"Hunde" deals with the question of tradition, stigmatized topics and today's view on love and gender. Giora Feidman's jewish wedding music contrasts to the techno duo Dusty Kid & Boris Brejcha. Also the appearance of the two dancers draws attention to the fact that things are sometimes not how they seem in the beginning, they can be different and irritate us. The question is if we hold on to what we think we know or if we question our view and take a new path. Through lifts and spins, performed by both dancers, develops an equality of the sexes. Also through sometimes covering their gender parts it gets clear that it doesn't matter to identify someones gender. The usage and play with gestures and mimic brings a subtle humor into the whole piece.


Choreography: Co-Op Dance Company

Dance: Laurin Thomas, Ida Kaufmann

Variations of "Hunde" were performed at 

Tanzmarathon, University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt

HTA Gala, Frankfurt LAB

Tanzgala Chemnitz

DIE WALZ, Art Festival, Frankfurt


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